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Last updated on December 17, 2020

What has SOLAR PLEXUS imbalance have to do between COVID-19, Queen Elizabeth, and Donald Trump?


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I held a live Facebook webinar, where I touched on the subject of fear. The fear drove us all to stop everything and encloses ourselves in our homes in isolation from the rest of the world.

Yes, the Coronavirus had brought the world that we know to a standstill, which some people, I included, thought was a wonderful opportunity for humanity to awaken, and to raise the vibration of human consciousness.

Yet, as the months go by, so many of us just keep living in fear and uncertainty. Fear for our healths, fear for our dear ones, especially the elderly, fear for our economic situation, and especially fear of the unknown.

The world that we knew has changed. Forever I would assume. And this is not such a bad thing. Even though governments around the globe are cracking hard on the population, manipulating it at will. That is why many choose to assume that the whole pandemic is one big conspiracy.

Fear played a big role in the US elections lately. The demonization of the opponent and his supporters is tearing America apart.

When we try to understand why people support Trump thought he is clearly unsuitable for the job of being a president, we have to think about what he represents.

Trump is fearless, manipulative, aggressive, unstoppable, egocentric, cruel at times, outspoken, prone to say whatever he thinks without caring if he’s hurting anybody’s feelings.

I would say that his behavior is a clear indication of an imbalanced SOLAR PLEXUS chakra.

When this chakra is at balance, open, and active, we feel confident. We express our will confidently and can radiate our power into the world. We’re decisive, clear, and self-assured. 

So what happens when it is imbalanced or closed? We become hesitant, un-sure, timid, helpless. Other indications of imbalance could be overconfidence, aggressiveness, or behaving in a manipulative way.

For many of us, the imbalance of the Solar Plexus chakra begins in childhood.

When I grew up, one of the main values that my mom tried to instill in me, is to be A LADY.

Now think what does it mean to be a lady? 

It means that you have to be calm and collected, well mannered and always be properly made up, and dress to the T. You don’t show your real feelings, and never say what you really think.

If you’ve seen the Netflix series “THE CROWN” you can see that the indoctrination to be a proper lady or a proper princess, took its toll on both young Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret.

Solar-plexus imbalance showed itself in the queen’s prim and proper behavior, her hesitancy to act or appear out of sorts in any manner and at any given situation. Her sister on the other hand was bold, overconfident, and extremely manipulative.

Donald Trump doesn’t even try to wear a mask of respectability, and shamelessly represents the opposite of what is expected of a true gentleman. Thus he allows millions to feel that it’s OK to be who they truly are, and not hide behind a mask of respectability.

All my life I’ve been in conflict with the concept of being A LADY. It is as though I always had to show a pretty side of myself out of fear of not being loved or accepted if I show my true colors if I stop wearing the mask of respectability.

So even when, as an artist, I chose a bold profession such as a belly dancer, I still remained hidden behind sequined dresses and a brilliant smile.

Since we’re all communicating in the online sphere now, I kept asking myself – do I always have to look made up? Why can’t I show for just who I am, with wild hair and dark circles under my eyes?

The enforced lockdown caused many online personas and celebrities to ditch the perfectly made up Instagramish look, for a more laid back make-up free look. It made them seem more humane and accessible. 

Yes COVID has made many of us face our fears and imbalances, and shine with our true colors.


I painted this SOLAR PLEXUS Mandala back in April when I was still dealing with that fear. What a long journey it has been.

I’d love to know if the past year has made you change. Did you overcome any fears? Did you start showing up for who you truly are?

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