About Yael

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"

Carl Jung

Hi I’m Yael

I’m an artist, a dancer, a filmmaker and a passionate teacher for the New Energy mentoring women to connect with their creative self.

Ever since I can remember, I felt that there was something inside me that wanted expression, but just couldn’t find the right outlet. As if a veil was separating the real me from a full life experience.

I’ve always been creative, but in my family cerebral activity counted more than creativity, so I kept my creative expression to hobbies, and pursued a career in other realms.

Yet my soul keep asking to be expressed to feel more grounded, more connected, so for years I took courses in self development and self-exploration.

When I started bellydancing over 20 years ago, the veil started lifting. For the first time in my life I felt grounded. 

Still, there was something missing. That certain connection with my innermost soul, with my higher self. I turned to spiritual studies, but it was not until I discovered MANDALAS that I had my real breakthrough.

MANDALAS and SACRED GEOMETRY were a real revelation. The channel I was looking for to have a direct contact with my inner self.

I became fascinated with forms and I just started by painting Mandala over and over again, proceeding from colored pencils, to the use of canvases and acrylic paints, filling my walls with Sacred Geometry.

My explorations led me to the understanding of the cosmic function of Sacred Geometry, and I love how it is expressed in nature. Much of my inspiration comes from spending time immersed in nature.

I found that drawing Mandalas could help me in trying situations in life. They help me heal the rift in my soul, and find peace in the most difficult life experiences. They help me grow spiritually.

Apart from drawing Mandalas I find creative expression in many things - crafting, painting, dancing, photography and filmmaking, gardening and even cooking. 

Teaching and inspiring others is my mission in life, and in my courses I aspire to combine all the tools that have so enriched my life.